Research cloud

The Amsterdam UMC Research cloud is a cloud service which enables researchers to create and configure virtual machines for usage in software development, data-storage and analysis. It can also make use of specific software to cooperate with other (external) parties.

Because of the central virtual infrastructure researchers are not dependent on a physical workstation with its own limitations. All virtual machines are accessible via the Amsterdam UMC network or through the internet.

Only non-classified information may be exchanged through the Research cloud. This means that the information is not confidential and does not contain any sensitive data in terms of privacy.

With the Amsterdam UMC Research cloud researchers can:

  • Set up their own system configuration (CPU’s, kernels, memory, NVIDIA GPU)
  • Determine the amount of storage
  • Determine the operating system (Windows/Cent OS/Ubuntu/custom)
  • Allow access to third parties
  • Work from the AMC and VUmc virtual desktops (CDW/View)

Researchers can also benefit from the possibilities of Store4ever for inexpensive storage of large amounts of data.

Not included in this service:

  • Functional support when using the cloud infrastructure
  • Technical support on virtual machines
  • User administration of the virtual machines


An intake for the Amsterdam UMC Research cloud can be requested via TopDesk (via links below).


The costs depend on the configuration as well as on the usage of the specific Amsterdam UMC Research cloud environment. Costs are based on Microsoft Azure pricing* with a discount for Amsterdam UMC users and will be invoiced monthly to the provided cost center.

* Only accessible by personnel

During the intake we will estimate the monthly costs for the specific Amsterdam UMC Research cloud environment. The actual amount that will be invoiced may therefore differ from this estimate. The researcher remains responsible to manage the usage and the costs.

Delivery time

An intake will be scheduled within 14 days after receiving the request. The cloud environment will be delivered within 7 days after approval of the offer made based on the intake.


When encountering (technical) problems using the Amsterdam UMC Research cloud, please contact the ICT-servicedesk. During office hours your call will be processed immediately.

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