Core facilities

  • Genomics
    Genomics The Core Facility Genomics (CFG) of Amsterdam UMC facilitates the use of cutting-edge technology through centralized investment, management and maintenance of genomics equipment.
  • Biobank
    Biobank Amsterdam UMC Biobank provides comprehensive services for the storage, logistics and data management of research collections of human specimens.
  • CRISPR Expertise Center
    CRISPR Expertise Center The Nobel prize winning CRISPR/Cas technology for rapid gene editing and DNA detection has an expanding impact on biomedical research and clinical practice
  •  Functional Genomic Screening
    Functional Genomic Screening Gene silencing libraries and high-throughput liquid handling technology for functional genomic screening to understand the biology of disease and discover new therapeutic targets.
  •  Metabolomics
    Metabolomics The Core Facility Metabolomics (CFM) is characterized by state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment, professional bioinformatics tools and expert knowledge in metabolism.
  •  Microscopy and cytometry
    Microscopy and cytometry The Microscopy and Cytometry core facilities of the Amsterdam UMC offer a wide array of analytical posibilities for cell organeles, cells, and tissues.
  •  OncoProteomics
    OncoProteomics The OncoProteomics Laboratory performs mass spectrometry-based proteomics strategies to improve our knowledge of disease, cellular signaling pathways, biomarkers, targets and drug effects.
  • Research Imaging Core Center
    Research Imaging Core Center Amsterdam UMC Research Imaging Core Center (RICC) provides multimodality in vivo imaging in clinical and pre-clinical cross-sectional and tracer research.
  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells We offer cell banking, iPSC generation and full characterization services to aid iPSC research in all fields. We facilitate the storage of patient donor cells in the iPSC biobank by providing support with correct communication to donors.