We are delighted to announce that APH researchers Anne Eskes and Niek Sperna Weiland have received the Amsterdam UMC Societal Impact Award 2023.

In the competition for the annual Societal Impact Award, the jury designated 2 winners who finished exactly equal in points. Project leader Anne Eskes received the award for the initiative in which family members and other informal caregivers learn step-by-step to carry out part of the oncological aftercare. Those lessons take place partly in various nursing departments at Amsterdam UMC. The 2nd winner was the Sustainable Care project. This is a bundling of initiatives to make Amsterdam UMC greener and has now resulted in over 50 Green Teams. Driving force anesthesiologist Niek Sperna Weiland accepted the award glowingly.

About the Amsterdam UMC Societal Impact Award 2023

Societal impact is becoming more and more important for research. To increase awareness the Amsterdam UMC Societal Impact Award is created. This award is for an Amsterdam UMC researcher or team with a relevant societal impact.

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