Laura Bosmans, affiliated with the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) research institute, has been awarded a 25,000-euro Starting Grant to research the role of proteins on endothelial cells during atherosclerosis. This grant is made possible by the Spinoza Fund of the Amsterdam University Fund.

Atherosclerosis, a thickening or hardening of the arteries, is the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases. It is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the arteries. Endothelial cells, the inner layer of blood vessels, play a crucial role in influencing the inflammatory process by regulating proteins that either promote or suppress inflammation (ICPs). However, the specific role of ICPs on endothelial cells remains unclear.

With her grant, Laura Bosmans aims to examine which ICPs on endothelial cells undergo changes during atherosclerosis.

3D culture models Laura: ‘I am focusing on the top five identified ICPs. Utilising tissue samples from patients with heart disease, I am assessing the presence of ICPs on endothelial cells. By modifying the presence of ICPs on the endothelium, our goal is to positively impact the activation of the immune system, ultimately reducing chronic inflammation levels in patients with cardiovascular diseases.’

Furthermore, Laura will employ modern 3D culture models to investigate how endothelial ICPs alter the interaction with inflammatory cells when the ICPs are blocked.

About the Spinoza Fund

The Spinoza Fund is part of and managed by the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF). Its mission is to promote medical assistance and science, including by providing travel grants and project subsidies. This initiative allows talented (young) UvA researchers to initiate their research and further develop their scientific careers.

New call in 2024

The next call for the Starting Grant will be launched in 2024, probably in spring. Interested young scientists can find additional information on this website (will be updated this spring). Contact address: