Several steps have to be taken to successfully complete your PhD trajectory. Here you can find relevant information on the different phases during your PhD trajectory at the VU University or the University of Amsterdam: starting your PhD, during your PhD, PhD graduation.

ACS Start Document

Are you a (new) ACS researchers and do you want to know more about ACS, our events and the benefits of being affiliated with ACS? You can find more information in the ACS start document!

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School provides support to Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates and their supervisors by information provision, administration, advice and education. The Doctoral School is the starting point for both AMC/UvA and VUmc/VU PhD candidates. Visit the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School website for a step by step guideline that guides you through your PhD trajectory towards a doctoral degree.

Please find the PhD plan for both location AMC & VUmc here:

Specific information for location VUmc

The VU Doctorate regulations describe the requirements to conduct your PhD research and obtain the VU doctor degree.

    At the start of your PhD trajectory, VUmc PhD candidates affiliated with ACS have to register their trajectory with the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences research institute for inclusion in the Hora Finita PhD registration system. Please contact the key user of ACS VUmc via for information and documents needed for the registration of your PhD trajectory in Hora Finita.

    After registration in Hora Finita, you are invited to enter additional information including your Training (and Supervision) Plan (TSP), which you will draw up together with your (co)promotor. VUmc PhD candidates have to obtain at least 30 EC (840 hours) for training. Without these 30 EC, the PhD candidate will not be admitted to the PhD ceremony. In the TSP you register how you plan to collect these 30 EC. Please also send your TSP to the Doctoral School.

    Please find the required documents below:

    Association of Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates (ASAP)

    ASAP is the association for Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates. ASAP organizes a variety of events for PhD candidates throughout the year, where you can learn, develop yourself, have fun and meet fellow PhD candidates. Visit the ASAP website for more information and upcoming events.

    PhD courses for ACS researchers

    The Doctoral School course programme offers training to develop scientific skills, acquire transferable skills and broaden and deepen scientific understanding. Each Amsterdam UMC PhD candidate follows an individual training program. The Cardiovascular Diseases course is specifically designed for PhD candidates in the field of cardiovascular research. On the website of the Dutch Heart Foundation, you can find more information about the PhD training courses that are organized by the Dutch cardiovascular research institutes under auspices and with organizational/financial support of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

    Additionally, the ACS research institute organizes an annual PhD retreat and PhD afternoons. Visit the ACS events page for more information.

    ACS Education Committee

    We have an active PhD Education Committee, with members from both Amsterdam UMC locations. The committee organizes activities for PhD candidates, such as the PhD afternoons. If you are interested to join the ACS Education committee, please send an email to

    Current members: Reinier Boon (chair), Tariq Dam, Fabienne Podieh, Floor van den Dolder, Nina Smets and Leah Root.   

    ACS Thesis app

    We encourage all ACS PhD candidates to apply for the ACS Thesis app (free of charge). Using this app you can upload your thesis and make it interactive by adding videos, photos, animations and Google Maps navigation to ceremony and reception. It is also possible to incorporate professional social media networks (such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Google Scholar) and science networks like PubMed. In this way, all theses from ACS researchers will be bundled and freely available in the ACS Thesis app! Visit the Thesis App of ACS page for more information.