ACS provides funds to support talented ACS researchers. This year, four ACS researchers will receive talent grants, either to perform post-doctoral research or for continuing research during medical specialist training. Congratulations to all awardees!
MD-PhD Grants

Stijn Meijnikman
Project title: ‘Inhibiting endogenous ethanol to decrease the burden of intestinal cellular senescence.

Frits Mulder
Project title: ‘Towards prevention of arterial thrombosis in cancer: identifying critical risk factors.’

PostDoc Grants

Marion van Vugt
Project title: ‘Genetically guided drug target identification in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.’

Barbara Verhaar
Project title: ‘Uncovering the salt-resistant microbiome: insights into intestinal sodium absorption and Hypertension.’

The MD/PhD Grant

The MD/PhD grants are meant for medical specialists in training who have already obtained their PhD. It is aimed at continuing research in the cardiovascular field and become a good clinical investigator alongside obtaining their medical specialization. These grants of €30.000 are used for 1 day a week protected research time during a 2-year postdoctoral project.

Visit the ACS MD/PhD Grant page for more information.

Postdoc Grant

The Postdoc grants are meant to support talented young PhD graduates to perform post-doctoral research at Amsterdam UMC or at another (inter)national institute. These grants of €140.000 are used for a full-time 2 year post-doctoral project in the cardiovascular field, either to attract talent from outside Amsterdam UMC or for talented ACS researchers to perform research within ACS or abroad.

Visit the ACS Postdoc Grant page for more information.