Amsterdam UMC has a central support organization to create an environment in which researchers can excel, both by contributing to a stimulating context and by providing practical advice.

Amsterdam UMC is home to eight research institutes: Networks of research groups and departments working on various aspects of the same research theme. Several of the research institutes are joint institutes with other faculties of the University of Amsterdam and/or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Together they cover the full spectrum of health and biomedical research themes. In diverse teams we aim to harness knowledge from fundamental research to the development of novel interventions for patient care or disease prevention. Using multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral approaches we focus on quality as well as on societal relevance of our research.

Amsterdam UMC has set up a wide range of core facilities and a data infrastructure that enables the development of science practices to Open Science. Dedicated research support teams and services are in place to create a stimulating research context and provide hands-on support to researchers. We are proud of our collaborative mindset and work together with various institutes in regional, national and international contexts.

The scientific careers of talented researchers are stimulated by several talent policies and services