Here you can find information on specific talent policies.

For a general overview of talent policies and services, follow this link.

Amsterdam UMC Fellowship

The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship aims to attract extremely talented researchers, who have the potential to build, expand and maintain their own successful research group. The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship is awarded once a year.

Amsterdam UMC Women in Science Fund

Female researchers that hold a PhD degree and are employed by VUmc, AMC or AMR in a temporary position can apply. The Amsterdam UMC Women in Science Fund aims to accelerate the careers of young female scientists by providing grants for international scientific work visits.

The 'Principal Investigator' (PI) system

Amsterdam UMC aims to stimulate research excellence by recognizing professionals who are in the lead by granting them the status 'Principal Investigator'. More on the PI system...

The Committee for Talent and Appointments (CTA)

Amsterdam UMC has a Committee for Talent and Appointments (CTA) that has been assigned by the Executive Board to shape the talent policies of scientific staff and to provide advice to the Deans of the Medical Faculties of the VU and the UvA on the appointment of mid-career and top level academics (i.e. Associate Professors and Professors).