The central Research Policy Office (RPO) is responsible for the preparation, coordination and implementation of research policy in relation to the mission and ambitions of the research strategy of Amsterdam UMC.

The RPO policy advisors, who all have a background in research, translate external, societal and internal developments into strategic and tactical research policy advice, with the aim of contributing to an environment in which science and scientists can flourish. In this way, together with the other domains of Amsterdam UMC Research Support, the RPO team contributes to offering optimal support to researchers of Amsterdam UMC.

Research policy topics

Topics include talent development, research integrity, stimulating the societal impact of scientific research, quality policy and evaluations of research. In addition, the RPO team contributes to policy dossiers such as core facilities, PhD candidate policies, and the use of laboratory animals. Also, they collaborate with internal and external experts on the development and translation to research practices of general policy topics, such as gender equality, diversity and inclusion, social safety, and profiling of research and researchers via the public website. Each RPO policy advisor is designated to specific topics, but as policy dossiers are generally interrelated, they also work closely together as a team.

Supporting Amsterdam Research Board

The Research Policy Office supports the Amsterdam Research Board (ARB), the advisory body of the Amsterdam UMC Executive Board of directors on research. Each of the ARB members are portfolio holders of specific research policy topics. The vice-Dean research is chair to the ARB and Anne-Lieke van Deijk, RPO senior policy advisor, is secretary to the ARB.

Internal and external collaborations

The RPO team maintains contact with other organizational units of Amsterdam UMC, such as Strategy and Innovation, the eight Research Institutes, the Doctoral School, HR officers, the Communication department, and both universities VU and UvA. In collaboration with researchers and colleagues of other UMCs and universities and in the context of NFU, UNL, and European partners the Research Policy Office helps steer and shape national and international research policies.


Jessika van Kammen is head of the Research Policy Office and member of the management team of Research Support. The Research Policy Office can be reached via