Amsterdam UMC has secured a significant Translational Knowledge Institute (TKI) subsidy through Health~Holland. This funding can be used for collaborative research projects with industrial partners under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework. Prospective applicants are advised to initiate discussions with potential partners early on to streamline the proposal preparation process.

Starting from 2024, the existing 'PPP Research and Innovation regulation' will undergo a transformation into the 'PPP Innovation Subsidy Regulation,' this amended regulation includes new funding conditions. Under the Pilot Call initiative, the Top Sector Life Sciences and Health (LSH) will allocate €4.0 million in PPP Subsidy for 2024. This funding will enable Amsterdam UMC to navigate the nuances of the revised regulation and its associated financial parameters.

While the total subsidy available in this Pilot Call is notably lower compared to previous TKI calls, the emphasis remains on supporting multiple high-quality projects. Consequently, the maximum PPP subsidy per project has been adjusted downwards. Projects under the Pilot Call 2024 can expect subsidies ranging from €200,000 to €500,000. Private partners joining these ventures are mandated to contribute either in cash or in kind. Moreover, Dutch Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to utilize PPP subsidy to cover part of their research expenses.

To align with the objectives outlined in the Health~Holland Knowledge and Innovation Agenda, proposed project topics must correspond to the specified missions. Detailed guidelines regarding the agenda can be found in the document titled "Kennis- en Innovatieagenda Gezondheid & Zorg 2024-2027 (pages 30-66)."

Please note that companies are obliged to contribute at least 15% of the total project budget, with Amsterdam UMC committing a minimum of 10%, depending on the project's developmental stage. In practice, these percentages are likely to be higher due to forthcoming budgeting regulations. To determine which percentage applies to your project, please contact your IXA business developer.

Preliminary funding cycle schedule

April 2024:

  • Pre-registration opening
  • Presentation for prospective applicants focusing on grant conditions and requirements

May 2024:

  • Pre-proposal deadline, including a signed letter of intent from participating company

July 2024:

  • Selection of pre-proposal winners who will receive detailed instructions for full application preparation

October 2024:

  • Full application submission deadline

January/February 2025:

  • Announcement of final project

March 2025:

  • Signed consortium agreements and start of project

For further information and assistance contact your respective IXA business developer or Nanny Appel (020-5665056, for general questions.