The goal of the new Seed funding for Environmental Sustainability Research call is to inspire researchers in Amsterdam UMC to include environmental sustainability in healthcare in their research, or to engage into new projects with a special focus on environmental sustainability. Projects can be focused on measuring and mitigating the environmental impact of research, education or healthcare delivery and systems. A total budget of 90,000 euro is available in this round, applicants can submit for a maximum of 30,000 euro within the ‘Implementation’ pillar, or a maximum of 60,000 euro under the ‘Innovation’ pillar.

Application process

Applicants can fill out the application form and send it in pdf format to before Monday 13 May 2024 9:00 am CET. This deadline is subject to extension if less than 5 applications are received. Applicants can submit a proposal promoting environmental sustainability within the Implementation or Innovation pillars:

  •  (max. 30,000 euro): testing a practical idea or solution (can be physical or digital) to integrate sustainability in education, or improve sustainability in healthcare
  •  (max. 60,000 euro): generate new knowledge or develop a new sustainable solution in healthcare or research

Eligibility criteria

Applications are eligible when they adhere to all of the following criteria:

  • Applications can be made by a maximum of 5 partners;
  • At least one of the applicants should have a research appointment at Amsterdam UMC;
  • Essential external partners can be included, but they cannot receive funding;
  • Projects should start in 2024 and funding has to be spent within 1 year of the starting date.


    The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    Evaluation criteria Weight in evaluation
    Quality of the proposed plan 50%
    Connection with or fit within exisiting projects or initiatives 10%
    Impact on environmental sustainability in Amsterdam UMC 20%
    Quality of communication & dissemination plan 10%
    Feasibility of budget spending 10%

    Applications will be evaluated by a committee chaired by Prof. Dr. Allard van der Beek and comprised of 4 researchers within the Center for Sustainable Healthcare. The highest scoring proposals within the budget will be awarded. There will not be an interview round, but the committee reserves the right to request additional information from applicants during the evaluation process.

    Award procedure

    Awarded applicants will receive a signed award letter and a terms & conditions document and will be put in contact with the responsible financial advisor. Awarded applicants will be assigned a scientific mentor from the Center for Sustainable Healthcare. They are also expected to contribute to internal and external communication efforts.


    More information.