Picture your poster being celebrated as one of the top three during the Science & Awards Day. This is your chance to shine in the spotlight of academic excellence!

For whom

All Amsterdam UMC PhD Candidates who can present the methodology of their research, as well as some (first) results.


The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School grants three annual awards for the most outstanding posters of the Science & Awards Day.

To do

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School presents annual awards for the three most outstanding Amsterdam UMC (UvA or VU) PhD candidates' posters. The winners receive their awards during the Science & Awards Day (8 March 2024)

  • 1st prize: 500 Eur
  • 2nd and 3rd prize: 250 Eur

Are you willing and able to present the methodology of your research, as well as some (first) results? Then join this great opportunity to present your research!

Send your abstract (in word and pdf) and digital poster (in pdf) before 18 February 2024 (23.59) to the Doctoral School (doctoralschool@amsterdamumc.nl), you can choose your own format and design (in portrait).

  • All posters will be shown in a continuous slide presentation during the Science & Awards Day
  • All posters will be collected in a digital book for this day
  • 38 PhD candidates will be invited to present their printed poster during the Science & Awards Day
  • 3 PhD candidates will be awarded for the ; see below for more information

More information.


Term & deadline for application: 18 February 2024, 23.59.


Awarding of the prizes: Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School Science & Awards Day - 8 March 2024.