Consortium Agreements

There are funding programs created by the EU or other funding parties such as ZonMw, TKI, NWO etcetera to support and foster research for which you can submit an application in order to receive funding for your research.

After a project has been granted a consortium agreement will need to be put in place. If you are a participant in the project, LRS will review the consortium agreement provided by the coordinator. If you are the coordinator of the project, LRS will draft the consortium agreement and work in close collaboration with AMC Medical Research B.V. (AMR), financial advisors (VUmc) or the Research Grant Support to get the agreement in place. In this entire process from initiation to finalization, support is given by various departments of the Research Support + division: the Research Office, AMR, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) and LRS.

Accession form If you want to join an existing consortium you need an accession form. Usually, the coordinator shall provide this accession form. An Amsterdam UMC example of this form is available: LRS template Accession document 2023.