Amsterdam UMC: For advice and requests, please contact the RDM Helpdesk.

Outside Amsterdam UMC: RDM mailbox.

Electronic data capture Questions on tools for electronic/online Case Report Forms, e.g. Castor EDC (eCRF, DB quality control, API use)
Web surveys Questions about online questionnaires/web surveys and using LimeSurvey or Survalyzer
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Law and regulations Law and regulations
Data extraction Information on the release or reuse of care data for research
Data Management Plan (DMP) Queries about DMPs and requesting a DMP consultation
Data processing For queries on data processing or assistance with linking datasets for analysis
Data storage Information on options for storing, editing and/or sharing research data, internally and externally, in the research phase
Choice of RDM tools Advice on tools for capturing research data
Voice recording&transcription Support Philips SpeechExec and Amberscript. For requests and installation of hardware and software: ICT Servicedesk.
Data sharing, data archiving and repositories Information on storage (locations) for FAIR archiving of research data after the conclusion of your study
High-performance computing (HPC) Information on working environments and storage space for research data requiring high computing power and multiple TBs of storage capacity
Training courses RDM training courses within Amsterdam UMC
Request a quote For projects in which you would like not only advice, but also the assistance of the RDM helpdesk.
Miscellaneous For all other questions