Research Collaboration Agreements and Intellectual Property

Performance of research leads to the generation of various types of results, such as: data, biological materials, software, techniques, methods and models. Some of these results can be protected by intellectual property rights, such as patent rights and copyrights, but results that cannot be protected by these rights can still constitute a very valuable asset (e.g. knowhow). Therefore, in research the term Intellectual Property is used for all results and proprietary assets, whether or not protected by intellectual property rights.

Legal Research Support (LRS) can advise you on all legal intellectual property related aspects regarding your research. This includes the review, drafting and negotiation of research related contracts where intellectual property may play an important role, such as: Research Collaboration Agreements, Licensing Agreements, IP Assignments and Joint Ownership Agreements.

LRS works closely with the Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) in order to facilitate and advise on your intellectual property related issues and questions.